Tritvam was established in 2017 and is working towards increasing greenery across all Cities in India.

Tritvam does advertisement and marketing promotions and generates orders for Nurseries across India. The nurseries need to deliver the live plant or planting material after receiving the order from Tritvam through SMS, call or email.

Yes, registration is free.

We want you to register in our website www.tritvam.co.in, after registering your nursery you have to update the plants and planting material available in your nursery for the list in the website. If you have any material which is not in the list you have an option to add it.

After successful completion of the registration, the nurseries will start receiving orders from Tritvam for delivery.

The Nurseries are expected to deliver the orders within 3 working days to the customers.

If plants or planting material are damaged then nurseries have to replace it.

The payment will be made every week to the nurseries through direct bank transfer to their bank account.

The nurseries will get additional incentive if they score high on

  1. Turnaround time – Delivery before 3 days
  2. Quality – Delivery of correct material ordered without damage and replacing damaged products.
  3. Complaints – No complaints regarding product or delivery person.

The Nurseries will deliver the plants in their city. If the order is for outside the city, Tritvam will make arranges for delivery of plants. The nursery will ensure proper packaging of plants and planting material before handing it over to the courier.

The nurseries have to represent Tritvam they cannot advertise their nursery to the customers provided by Tritvam